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São Paulo starts a cold and dry week; southern states have frost

The influence of a polar air mass in the south-central part of the country continues to keep temperatures low and prevent the formation of heavy clouds, according to Climatempo.

The week starts cold and dry in São Paulo, and all three southern states are at risk of frost.

In São Paulo, according to Climatempo meteorologists, temperatures remain low in all municipalities.

“It doesn’t rain during the day in all regions of the state and the air humidity drops again in the center-north of São Paulo, with rates below 30%”, informed Climatempo.

Isolated, some points of the state can register frost, as in Serra da Mantiqueira and in the south of São Paulo. Even during dawn in the capital, in regions such as Capela do Socorro, Marsilac and Parelheiros.

Frosts can be recorded throughout the three southern states – Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.

From the coast of Rio Grande do Sul to the coast of Rio de Janeiro, the sea is still rough and there is a risk of undertow. The waves can reach waves of 2.5 to 3 meters in height.

“The early mornings and mornings are still cold in the Midwest, but there is no forecast of rain in the three states and the Federal District”, warns Climatempo.

“The North and Northeast are still very humid. It rains at various times and with a risk of thunderstorms this Monday, in Manaus, northern Amazonas, Roraima and western Pará. In Maranhão and part of Piauí, the rain occurs interspersing the openings of sun and occasionally it can come with strong intensity, but without major warnings”, he adds.

Source: CNN Brasil

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