São Sebastião’s Day: a holiday in Rio is hot and the beaches are full

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The holiday Thursday in Rio is hot weather with no forecast of rain according to Alerta Rio. With clear and partly cloudy skies, the beaches were crowded. The expected minimum temperature is 22°C and the maximum is 35 degrees.

Several tributes to the city’s patron saint were made throughout the day. Among them the traditional City Mass at the Basilica Sanctuary of São Sebastião. A motorcade that left Santa Cruz towards the city center caused changes in traffic with interdictions.

Streets for leisure were also closed. Avenida Atlântica was partially closed as it happens on Sundays. Cariocas, people from Rio de Janeiro and tourists took the opportunity to practice sports, walk on the street, ride a bicycle and enjoy the heat.

The capital of Rio de Janeiro recorded heat records on Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday, the thermal sensation exceeded 50 degrees. According to Alerta Rio, the maximum for the weekend could reach 38°C and so far no rain forecast.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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