Sara Scaperrotta, ex of Nicolò Zaniolo: “My son Tommaso was wanted”

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She is about to become a mother for the first time Sara Scaperrotta, ex of the Roma player Nicolò Zaniolo, and after months that were not easy, she decided to tell her version of the media storm that hit her a few months ago.

The choice, as written on two Stories entrusted to Instagram, is due precisely to the imminent birth of her baby, Tommaso. “I have chosen to clarify some things, since it is my strong desire to have my son born in the most peaceful atmosphere possible, without leaving anything unfinished”, wrote the Roman student.

«Thomas is the fruit of the love of two people. It was wanted, sought, desired and the discovery of his arrival was celebrated in an atmosphere of shared joy. Then something changed, and I suddenly found myself walking this path to parenthood alone, with no support of any kind. The fear I felt at the beginning due to the absence of a father figure for the child and an accomplice with whom to undertake this path soon turned into a strong disappointment, also for the modalities that were reserved for me “.

The news on the private life of Nicolò Zaniolo, and on an alleged new story of his, have nothing to do with it, Scaperrotta stressed. His greatest bitterness was that the ex-partner lost important moments of waiting for Tommaso. “I tried several times to involve him without success, all my attempts to contact were in vain, even blocking the social channels and WhatsApp, and I found myself facing a strong communicative and emotional wall “. The thought, today, goes to the child who is about to arrive.

“I hope that the walls will be knocked down and that Nicolò finally finds the courage to emancipate himself and to assert his feelings, opening his father’s heart to enjoy all the beauty that comes from being a parent”, concluded Sara Scaperrotta, alluding to an impediment, which would not have allowed the ex to be at his side in the months of waiting.

Nicolò Zaniolo had ended up in the gossip meat grinder at the beginning of 2021, when the news of Sara’s pregnancy spread and, at the same time, of new alleged relationships of the football player. “Sometimes we dreamed of a family together,” said Sara’s Zaniolo to the Gazzetta dello Sport, “Then things went differently. And when she informed me of her pregnancy, I was very honest in pointing out that I did not feel ready for such a commitment, especially because we no longer got along.. You have decided to continue: I respect you and I am ready to take on all responsibilities as a father ».

The footballer’s mother also intervened on the issue: “When Nicolò wrote us that they were expecting a baby, we went down to Rome. He had known this for ten days and was desperate. He was arguing with Sara because in those days he understood that he was no longer in love with her ». Today Sara also had her say on the story, the only version that was missing. Who knows that the birth of the child does not bring some peace of mind among the families.

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