Sarah Voss, the gymnast in the full suit: “Sport doesn’t send sexual messages”

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No to the leotards worn so far, those that reach the groin and leave the legs bare and much of the body exposed. The German gymnast Sarah Voss she went to the European Artistic Gymnastics with a full suit, obviously tight so as not to impede any movement, but able to cover the whole body.

His choice is against the sexualization of athletes made thanks to what they wear. The German team explained on Twitter: «Our girls want to be role models for young gymnasts and show them that they can show themselves differently without feeling uncomfortable ».

It was the gymnast herself who said she felt very proud of what she was wearing saying she felt at ease and equally very elegant. On social media, the choice was appreciated. «This is fantastic, I like the update of the ‘uniform’, thank you for taking the sport a step further».

Another person tweeted: “It’s revolutionary. Thank you Sarah for showing that aesthetics must not override the comfort and tranquility of the athletes who I don’t know must feel on display ».

The German press, according to reports from the Corriere della Sera, he called his jumpsuit “an elegant full-body black dress”. Sarah Voss, 21, explained that leotards often make girls feel ashamed especially by doing some movements. After her exercises she added: «I am proud to have worn a longer suit. I feel perfectly comfortable, it’s super comfortable. We can only be pleased if others take this innovation into consideration and a new trend is born ».

Already at the current European Championships two other German gymnasts will wear a similar suit. Coach Ulla Koch added that everyone should decide in which outfit compete “based on what makes him feel good”.

Gymnastics is one of the sports most affected by the issue of harassment. The entire American team has denounced doctor Larry Nassar and there have been incidents in other countries. Simone Biles, one of the greatest gymnasts of all time, said that if she had a daughter he would not send her to the US artistic gymnastics team. For girls, in his opinion, there is not enough protection. A suit that protects their image could be the first step.

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