SAS pilots end their strike

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Members of pilots’ unions in Sweden, Denmark and Norway have voted to adopt the collective agreement reached with the airline SAS last month and will therefore not continue their strike, the unions announced today, as Reuters reported.

SAS grounded around 3,700 flights during a devastating 15-day strike in July that left 380,000 passengers stranded.

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In Denmark, 93% of pilots’ union members voted in favor of the deal.

“I am incredibly happy for the great support for the agreement, not least when we have been through such a long and hard conflict,” said Henrik Thyregod, president of the Danish pilots’ union.

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“The members clearly understood the seriousness and it shows how strong the unity is among the pilots,” he said.

Long-suffering SAS, which filed for U.S. bankruptcy protection on the second day of the strike, estimated that the strike cost it more than $145 million during the lucrative summer travel season.

Source: Capital

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