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“Satan II”: Meet the new intercontinental missile available in Russia’s arsenal

Roscosmos, Russia’s State Space Agency, announced, this Friday (1st), that the new Sarmat missiles are available to the Russian Army.

Dubbed “Satanás II” by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), according to Reuters, these intercontinental missiles have the capacity to reach the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, in 9 minutes, traveling about 4 thousand kilometers away. .

Designed to cross continents, the missile is 35.3 meters long and three meters in diameter. It can reach a speed of 25,000 km/h and cover a distance of 11,000 km.

“Satanás II” is 37.5 times stronger than the atomic bombs used by the United States to hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II in 1945.

A CNN the Portuguese general Agostinho Costa stated that a warhead of the new Russian missile has the capacity to destroy the Portuguese capital, or a city the size of London.

“Satanás II” has been under study since 2009, and the first image was officially released by Russia in 2016. Testing began four years later.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in April last year that the missile is capable of “causing the failure of all anti-aircraft systems” and that “it will make those who try to threaten Russia think twice”.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense reported that so far it has ordered the construction of 50 missiles of this type.

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(Posted by Gabriel Ferneda, with information from CNN Portugal)

Source: CNN Brasil

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