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Satellite images show Israeli tanks 5 kilometers inside Gaza

Satellite photos published by the New York Times on Tuesday show Israeli tanks have arrived on Al Bahr Avenue in Gazaa major road that crosses Gaza from the beach to Jabalia.

The intersection of Bahr and Rashid streets is important to the IDF, as the photos show, reports Jerusalem Post. Rashid is a long road that runs from north to south. It starts about one kilometer south of the border and runs the entire length of the south, passing through the Sati settlement and the Gaza port before heading into the southern area of ​​the Gaza Strip.

The Times report states that “satellite images taken Monday morning show the significant scale of one of Israel’s main advances in northern Gaza, where hundreds of armored vehicles have been pushed kilometers over the border into urban areas on the outskirts of Gaza City.” .

The Al-Ain media outlet in the Gulf also referred to the photos, saying it is a “silent witness” to Israel’s advance.

They also show evidence of airstrikes and artillery shelling, the reports noted. Yesterday a report in Al-Ain also said that photos and videos from Gaza showed that Israeli forces had reached Salah al-Din Road, another major north-south road. This places Israeli forces south of Gaza City and now also northwest of Gaza City on the beach.

Source: News Beast

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