Satellite Tracker 1.4.5

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satellite tracker – you can easily search for satellites flying in real time in the sky above you, track their flights. Receive notifications of upcoming satellites such as the ISS, Hubble, Envisat and more over your location.

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Don’t miss the next flyby of satellites in the sky – install Satellite Tracker now!

Satellite Tracker features:

  • Satellites in real time
  • Detailed 3D models of space satellites
  • Flight with a satellite over the Earth
  • View of the Earth from a satellite flying over it
  • Ability to search for satellites on your own
  • The ability to see satellites flying over you
  • Timer (time until next flight)
  • Location selection
  • Notifications for upcoming overflights
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Satellite Tracker includes the most interesting man-made space satellites: ISS, ADEOS II, Ajisai, Aqua, ASTRO – EII, ERBS, Genesis I, Genesis II, Seasat, Akari, Daiti, Resurs – DK1, Hubble, Envisat and others.

* ISS is available by default. Other satellites are available after purchasing a subscription.

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