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Save The Children, the Impossible Event 2022: “We do not refuse to save children”

Save The Children, the Impossible Event 2022: “We do not refuse to save children”

There is no inherent impossibility of saving the children of the world. It is only impossible if we refuse to do so ». She said it a century ago Eglantyne Jebbfounder of Save the Children, the International Organization reiterates today, which has always been at the side of boys and girls. It starts from here Impossible 2022: the 4 day event (here the complete program), which from 19 to 22 May, at the Roman Aquarium will host a full calendar of events, workshops and debates that will be inspired by some of the first proposals that emerged from the collaboration between experts, young people, representatives of institutions, the world of culture and academia, third sector organizations and people who work daily in the field.


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Five central themes: conflicts and the climate crisis; migrations; the right to education and the fight against poverty; the regeneration of the territories of the growth of children; the enhancement of talents. «Today Eglantyne Jebb’s warning is more relevant than ever. We need more resources and above all we need to spend them well and invest in children, ”he said Daniela Fatarella, Director General of Save the Children Italy. «We have data and knowledge, but we don’t put them on the net and we don’t use them adequately to interpret and act on what happens. It is of crucial importance, for example, to be sure that in Italy the funds of the PNRR and the Child Guarantee are used in the best possible way to eliminate the inequality of essential services for children in the various territories, favoring the most disadvantaged ones “.

Worldwide, 117 million children are still out of school due to the pandemic (about 7.5% of the school population), and in poorer countries 66% more school days were lost than in rich countries, while 1 in 5 children are at risk of permanently abandoning their studies and this means exposing oneself to violence, exploitation, early marriages, conflicts.

In Italy too, boys and girls are experiencing the consequences of the pandemic firsthand. Suffice it to say that the failure to reach the minimum level of skills at 15 affects almost half of the students.

And the data on poverty in our country are dramatic: today Covid has pushed another 200 thousand children into absolute poverty, for a total of almost 1 million 400 thousand minors. Italy is also among the most “unfair” European countries towards the new generations, given that absolute poverty affects 14.2% of the population under the age of 17compared to 9.1% between the ages of 35 and 64, and 5.3% between the ages of 65 and over, and is one of the widest ranges among European countries.

In our country, each child has three times the chance of being in absolute poverty compared to those over 65, and twice as likely as the rest of the population.

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