Save the dogs: this is how the dogs (and life companions) of the homeless are helped

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For people who live without a fixed abode, having a dog is like having a piece of home and the relationship with their life companions becomes symbiotic. There are even those who give up a bed on colder nights so as not to have to leave their little dog alone on the street. She wondered aboutimportance that the dog has for these people on the edge of the city, the Save the dogs association which, taking its cue from the English StreetVet model, gave birth to Street friends, life companions.

Dogs and the homeless, a symbiotic relationship.

Save the dogs

The project, launched in Milan in collaboration with Fondazione Progetto Arca Onlus, is the first of its kind in Italy and consists of provide free veterinary assistance to homeless dogs. Like? The operators of the animal rights association will collect the requests and needs of homeless who have chosen the company of a dog, through the mobile points in which Progetto Arca operates (a foundation active in the Lombard capital for 27 years with its assistance service that has helped 13,000 people in need with meals, beds and medical examinations). At this point, the animals will be given vaccinations, sterilizations and any veterinary care.

The kit prepared for homeless dogs.

Save the dogs

But there is more. Every homeless who will need help for their furry friend, chosen for love and certainly not to exploit it in favor of compassion on passers-by, will also receive a kit with bowl, leash, food, first aid kit, coat for the winter and pesticides for the summer.

«Today these dogs are cared for and fed only thanks to the good heart of individual Milanese who come across these difficult stories and take charge of them with generosity and altruism. We have already collected numerous testimonies of people with fragility but all united by a common thread: unconditional love for their dogs. We want to capitalize on this experience in Milan to be able to export this pilot project to other cities as well »says Sara Turetta President of Save the Dogs.

And each of us can also support the project, perhaps by investing in a different Christmas gift. This is the case of the digital card worth 50 euros (you can buy it here) to donate a winter kit and veterinary care to those who have chosen a dog as a traveling companion, investing in the only stable affection of their life.


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