Sberbank did not accept servers on Elbrus, they did not pass testing

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Sberbank did not accept servers based on Russian Elbrus-8C processors for operation, since they did not pass the company’s testing. This was stated by a representative of a financial institution during a conference on the Elbrus ecosystem.

According to Krasnaya Vesna, the MCST microprocessor developer handed over to Sberbank two- and four-processor systems based on Elbrus-8C, after which they were tested by specialists from the laboratory of new technological solutions of the SberInfra Information Systems Department. Unlike the usual procedure, when testing stops after one of the stages has failed, an exception was made for Elbrus. As a result, only 16% of the tests were positive.

At the first stage, experts assessed the ease of use of the servers, including the availability of indication, ease of installation in a rack, and other parameters. There were minor remarks that could be easily eliminated by MCST. The second stage included comparison with servers based on Intel Xeon 6230 in synthetic tests, where Elbrus performed well, and the lag was not as significant as expected. Domestic servers failed at the third stage, showing unsatisfactory results of applied testing of the Java-DBMS bundle. Sberbank sent recommendations to MCST on improving the systems, after the adoption of which it will again consider the feasibility of using products based on Elbrus processors.

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