SberDisk 0.9

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SberDisk – secure data storage and free 15 GB cloud. Save important documents and highlights of your life by adding them to the cloud. Share videos and impressions with loved ones, keep in touch with the team on business trips. You can work with files on SberDisk even where there is no Internet.

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SberDisk’s personal cloud is:

  • Files of any format

    Upload photos, videos, presentations, text documents, Excel spreadsheets, or audio recordings to the cloud. Edit, open, share them from any device.
  • Autoload photo

    Running out of memory on your phone? You don’t need to buy a new one. Enable auto-upload of photos to SberDisk. Make room for new experiences.
  • Quick file sharing

    Share vacation snaps and shared project folders in a couple of clicks. Configure access to SberDisk files, link expiration date, and protection level.
  • Easy search

    Search documents by keywords in the title, tags, or view all files of a specific format.
  • Offline mode

    Edit and view files without internet access. Select documents, set them to offline mode, and continue working on the plane, while traveling, and where there is no connection.

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