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Scan menu and make appointment: see what’s new from Google for businesses

O Google announced new features for companies this Tuesday (11), during an event in São Paulo. Among the new features is the possibility, for example, of bars and restaurants create a virtual menu of its products through artificial intelligence (IA) just photographing the physical menu.

It is also now possible to virtually schedule medical appointments, exams and services in beauty salons with just a few clicks. Check out all the releases below .

The new tools were designed to facilitate connectivity between companies and their consumers, increasing the chances of deals being closed.

“With these new features, we hope to help companies of all sizes, especially small businesses, connect more effectively with their customers, expand their reach and grow their business through Google,” says Newton Neto, director of partnerships from Google to Latin America.

Google announced several other new features this Tuesday, such as a tool that allows the removal of personal information from the search and another that aims to prevent financial losses for users in the event of cell phone theft.

Digital menus with the help of AI

A new feature allows restaurants and bars to quickly and easily digitize their menus, directly from their Business Profile. Using Google’s AI, all it takes is a photo of the menu to transform it into a complete digital menu, with item names, descriptions and prices, which will appear in the “Menu” section in search and on Google Maps.

The initiative was designed after Google realized that many users often search for food, and not for the name of the establishment, which does not always lead them to find restaurants and bars that offer that product.

To create the digital menu using AI, you must be the owner of the establishment, to guarantee the veracity of the information. After digitization, entrepreneurs can still edit menu data and update it.

The resource, available in English and Portuguese, is already being implemented in Brazil, one of the first countries to receive the functionality. To use the resource, simply access the Company Profile and select the edit menu option.

Google virtual menu

Integration of profiles on social networks

To increase the visibility of restaurants and bars in search and on Google Maps, establishments will be able to integrate their social media profiles directly into the Company Profile, displaying the latest posts in a panel just below the business information.

This integration will allow consumers to quickly and easily access the latest information, such as promotions, special events and new dishes. At the same time, restaurants and bars will be able to strengthen their online presence and attract new customers looking for nearby gastronomic options or specific dishes.

The feature will be made available to users in the coming weeks.

Scheduling medical appointments, exams and beauty salons

In addition to resources for bars and restaurants, health and beauty professionals will be able to connect with potential clients who are actively looking for the services they offer. To help with this, Google also began offering the function of scheduling medical appointments and exams – initially with the platforms Dr. Consulta, Doctoralia, Melvi, Livance, a+Medicina Diagnostica/Grupo Fleury.

With this integration, people will also be able to schedule appointments at beauty salons on the Trinks, Quaddro and Prit platforms, directly on the Company Profile. In this first stage of implementation, Google is bringing the technology to more than 15 thousand companies in the beauty and health sectors.

More practicality for sending messages

Businesses can choose their preferred messaging channel to make available on Google to their customers. The contact, text messages (SMS) or WhatsApp messaging app, for example, will be available in search and on Maps. The feature will be available in the coming weeks.

“With this new search experience, we are facilitating the connection between companies and customers, allowing companies to share content from social networks directly in the search and choose the preferred messaging channel to interact, making communication more efficient and personalized”, says Bruno Pôssas, global vice president of search engineering at Google.

Custom suggestion lists

Focused on companies in the tourism segment, a list prepared by Embratur will be displayed alongside information about some cities, when people search for them, highlighting suggestions of places to visit there.

Now available for the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. You must admit that they are classic Brazilian tourist attractions.

Source: CNN Brasil

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