Scary video with the moment a man grabs a woman and forcibly puts her in a car

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Scary are the shots posted by police detectives at Birmingham and show a woman who has probably fallen victim abduction to try to get out of a car and a man to get her back in quickly and violently.

A manhunt was underway after video from the dashboard camera captured the moment a dark Ford Mondeo stopped abruptly on Golden Hillock Street at 5.45pm. on November 7. Police fear a woman who is believed to have been forced into the car shortly before on nearby Sampson Street is being held captive.

The video shows her opening a door and trying to get out before a man comes out and picks her up and forcibly puts her back in the car.

The police have launched a manhunt

A West Midlands police spokesman said: “We signaled all the radios on all our patrols for details of the vehicle and checked the road cameras, but we have not yet been able to locate the car.

Investigations are ongoing to locate the car, its registered owner and occupants.

“A bag was found on the side of the road and witnesses described the person who was transported in the car as a woman. There was nothing in the bag to help us identify it and we could not determine if it was safe. We hope that someone will recognize the man who appears for a while in the clip or will meet someone who has access to a similar vehicle and fits the description of the men “.

The two men in the car are described as young in their 20s while the woman is described as Asian and is believed to have been a teenager or close to 20.

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