School, Dad made an already difficult situation worse

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The data published by Invalsi have said nothing new to parents who have seen their children trudging through the last year and a half between distant school and distance learning. Less has been learned in the last two years of school and, in an already bad situation, this has led high school students to have middle school skills according to theNational Institute for the Evaluation of the Educational Education and Training Evaluation System. The first thing to do is to go back to class. This is what everyone says and the government is working on this. The way is vaccination coverage, while the mask obligation remains, there should be a return without the required distance so far.

In the school year hit by the pandemic, learning Italian and mathematics worsened compared to 2019, English remained at similar levels to those of two years ago. IS widened the gap between North and South, a gap that has existed for some time, and also the difficulties for students who come among students who come from disadvantaged families.

Invalsi tests are common tests on understanding of text, mathematics and English. This year, 1.1 million primary school pupils, 530 thousand eighth grade students and 475 thousand in the last year of high school were made in the usual classes excluding the second upper secondary school.

Only the school primary it does not see any changes between the results of 2019 and those of 2021. At the average there is a decline in the learning of Italian. It did not reach the minimum level, it went from 34% in 2018 to 39% in 2021 and the deterioration in mathematics was greater. In high schools, the number of students who did not reach the minimum level in Italian went from 35% in 2019 to 44% in 2021. 51% did not reach the acceptable level in mathematics.

The increase of the school dropout, even the implicit one, that is, of those who do not officially leave school, but do not manage to finish their studies with acceptable skills. This dispersion is 9.5% nationwide, but exceeds 20% in Calabria and Campania.

On the part of many observers, especially teachers and principals, there are clarifications on these data. The tests over the years have been done in different contexts and situations due to pandemic. It is difficult to make a fair comparison. The question of what the Invalsi tests can measure in terms of skills remains open. Many teachers, even in the comments on social networks, underline how the problem is wider and must be addressed from the point of view of socio-economic disparities.

Mario Rusconi, president National Association of Headmasters-Rome, he told theAdnkronos that the problem precedes the year in Dad: «Today the photograph released by these results highlights how too little is still being invested in education and school in our country. If the consequences are minimally linked to the DaD and Covid-19 in an important way, instead, they reflect the things not done and that we have been asking for years as principals “.

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