School, Draghi’s plan: make up for lost time in June

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There is the school among the first thoughts of the Prime Minister in charge Mario Draghi. The future government will have to “Reshape the school calendar” of the current year, to make up for the “many lost days”. This is reported by the representatives of the parliamentary groups who met Draghi in the second round of consultations which ends on Tuesday.

The former director of the European Central Bank believes that, with distance learning, students have lost useful time for teaching.

School has also never failed. This is why he aims to make up for lost time and one better organization of the school year that will come.

According to what was reported by the deputy Alessandro Fusacchia from Centro Democratico-Italiani in Europa “there is a reasoning to be done on how to organize this recovery of lost months. Draghi shared early reasoning about structural things, which they have to do with the school calendar to prepare in time for September next year. And there is work to be done in recent months to get back to school as soon as possible ».

The hypothesis would be that of an extension of the calendar beyond the established limits that collides with the exams for the last years of middle and high school in the month of June. “If it is a moderate extension, it can also be considered. It is clear that we cannot think of letting students and teachers stay at school all summer “said the president of theNational association of principals Antonello Giannelli who added that we will talk about it again when there are more details.

Already in the past, and also two months ago by Minister Azzolina, the hypothesis of an extension of lessons until the end of June was launched. The decision on school calendars is, however, regional and objections have been raised by the labor unions, but also from summer tourism activities.

“Extending the school calendar regardless of what it means to believe that the school joked with Dad. We are convinced that there is a need to recover for many young people who have not been reached by teachers for technical reasons and for diversity of socio-economic conditions. It is clear that for these cases it will be the professors themselves who will activate recovery initiatives, “he said the secretary of the CISL Scuola Maddalena Gissi.

“What I suggest is that we speak immediately of an orderly start of the school year, we who know the bureaucratic slowness and the ideological limits of politics, have a very clear solution for a quiet recovery and in the presence”, adds the trade unionist. Draghi would also like to address the problem of vacant chairs, to be filled in by August before the start of the school year. This year there were at least 50,000 because the rankings were not updated, there were no qualified professors and there were delays in the competitions.

Among the other themes illustrated by Draghi, a plan for the world of work and employment, relations with the European Union and the acceleration of the administration of vaccines, focusing on logistics and production.

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