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School, Minister Valditara: Cell Phones Banned Even for Educational Purposes Up to Middle School

The topic has been debated for a long time, not only in Italy, and Minister Valditara himself had asked for limitations on cell phones in school, especially for the little ones. Now there is a fixed point. «I signed a circular that prohibits the use of cell phones for any purpose, including educational purposes, from next school year, because I don’t believe that good teaching can be done with a cell phone until middle school.. And this obviously does not mean the use of the tablet or the computer, which must however be used under the guidance of the teacher”.

The announcement by the Minister of Education and Merit, Giuseppe Valditara, came at the conference “The artificial school – Evolutionary age and technological evolution”, at Palazzo San Macuto, in Rome.

It wasn’t just about smartphones. The minister also wants to go back to the paper diary for children, something that many schools have already asked for and that the kids don’t always do. The electronic register remains, but the idea is to also preserve traditional communication and the use of pen and paper. “The parent will be able to check, if the child doesn’t show them the diary, but in this way the child gets used to writing. We have to get our kids used to the relationship with pen and paper again.”

The no to cell phones becomes broader than in the past, there is no possible use for educational purposes. In December 2022 the minister had signed a circular to limit use in class.

Source: Vanity Fair

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