School principal had the secretary take pictures of her with a thong for her lover

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A sensational affair sees the light of day. Working in school of New York was forced to take provocative photos of the director with a thong and save them on her cell phone along with images from a man’s penis, according to the lawsuit that has been filed.

The principal had recruited her subordinate to hide the sexual images from her husband and save them for her lover, the school secretary and her lawyer told the NY Post.

Gisselle Vasquez, 35, a mother raising her child on her own, got a job as a Spanish speaker secretary of 42-year-old principal Evelina Medina at Robert C. Dodson School. Soon, however, the manager began to pressure her to do more than her job required, according to court documents.

On May 24, 2018, Medina sent Vasquez the photo of a man lying in bed in his underwear and instructed her to save it on her own cell phone. “I still do not understand what could have made her feel so comfortable asking me to do this for her,” Vasquez told the NY Post, explaining that they were not friends. “I wondered if I did not do that, what would be the consequences for me at work. I am raising my child alone and I thought what would happen if I said no “.

The next day, Medina took the secretary to her school desk and ordered her to take pictures of her. He handed me the phone and said, “Close the door.” Medina she then started taking off her pants, turned around, showed her buttocks with the thong and posed“, According to court documents.

“When I looked, her pants were already out. I was shocked. I did not know what to think. I just froze. I was worried that if I just left her office it might be a student or a worker there. Her office is the main one and there is a lot of traffic “.

Medina then sent the image to Vasquez’s cell phone and asked her to help her edit it, the lawsuit states. “He wanted to fix… cellulite”, said the secretary.

Five days later, on May 29, the principal sent the secretary another sexual image, this time of a man in bed holding his penis. He asked her to save this photo as well.

“On several occasions, he commented on the size of his penis lover “and how he satisfied her despite the fact that she was younger than her husband”, the lawsuit states.

“Medina used my client as a personal drop-box to keep sexy photos away from her husband. “Because of the serious nature of the sexual harassment here, we felt there was no choice but to go to court,” said attorney Christopher Berlingieri.

Medina no longer works as a principal at this school. The local education authorities did not comment due to the pending lawsuit.

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