School protests: the TAR brings back the high schools in Lombardy


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If the new Dpcm seems to drive away the reopening of high schools, on the other hand, news coming from the Lombardy region seems, on the contrary, to open a window for the return to class for high school students and technical institutes. Meanwhile, still days with the students to protest in front of schools and in the squares.

The TAR of Lombardy accepted the appeal presented by parents and high school students gathered in the “At School” committee and consequently suspended “the effectiveness of the ordinance” of the Region which extends distance learning for all students until January 25th.

The administrative judges write: “The danger that the ordinance wants to face is not linked to didactics in presence in and of itself considered, but to risk of gatherings related to student travel “. They speak of the unreasonableness of the measure, which, “in the face of only a hypothetical risk of formation of gatherings, rather than intervening on such a hypothesized phenomenon, radically prohibits face-to-face teaching for secondary schools, a teaching that the ordinance does not even indicate how cause in itself of a possible contagion “.

It is certainly a point in favor of those who, in Milan as in many other cities, protest against distance learning. However, it is unlikely that there will be a return to class immediately. The institutes were already organized for the reopening which did not take place on January 7, but it is not said that the return can be done without further measures and it is not even said that the Region does not oppose in the name of the rule for which it is possible tighten national regulations.

Instead, the fear that the reopening times will be longer in many regions is more founded, given that 12 were indicated at high risk and 8 at moderate risk, but with two in progression towards increasing risk. If in all of these the orange zone, which would last for 15 days, it would be difficult to imagine an opening of the schools (in any case 50% with distance learning) before February.

The voice of the protest is unanimous: Dad is no longer enough. The kids want to go back to class (the letters arrived at Dear School also tell you), also because many see the blaming of the school, made months afterwards, for the infections as unfair. The fear is public transport and crowds, but many kids say they see their classmates in the park in the afternoon and find no differences with school. Students ask for a safe reopening in front of schools in Bologna as well as in Bari. In Milan, the Manzoni high school has been symbolically occupied by children. Since Monday there have been demonstrations throughout Italy including protests by those who do not show up in front of the PC because, he says, Dad is not a real school.

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