School, reverse on dad: here are the rules

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The distance learning it will start with only one positive in the classroom for children up to six years, with two positives for pupils aged 6 to 12, beyond this age if there are at least three positive cases. The government does not define it as a reverse, but the desire to guarantee school in the presence. The choice, however, appears as a change of course given that the Monday evening circular from the ministries of health and education said that everyone would stay at home with only one positive in class, pupil or professor.

It was Prime Minister Draghi who indicated the way forward, therefore the one chosen weeks ago. He asked that the directors of the ministries change the choice made on Monday after the reporting of cases on the rise and the inability to follow the tracing with swabs. “Face-to-face school remains a priority” Draghi said.

To overcome the problem of slowness of tests General Figliuolo’s structure was made available to the local health authorities. All possible resources, therefore, provided that we do not return to distance learning that had already alarmed families.

The dad is activated in the second infection up to 12 years, therefore up to the seventh grade because in these classes there are children not yet vaccinated. After the green light of the Aifa, vaccinations for the little ones should start the week of Christmas. If there is only one positive, the class will swab and if, they are all negative, they will go to school without quarantine. If instead the quarantine is activated it lasts 10 days because the children are not vaccinated. Instead, there should be seven for the vaccinated.

Quarantine and dad take the third positive for children aged 12 and over who can get vaccinated. According to data from the Ministry of Education 85% of young people in the school age group are vaccinated. The unvaccinated remain at home from the second infected. If there is a positive, the boys take swabs between two and five days from the discovery of the case. If there are no positives, only the first case found remains at home. If they find others they all go into dad. For the vaccinated it is 7 days and then the swab is done again. The first infection quarantine remains for nursery and maternal children who are not vaccinated and do not wear masks. They stay at home for 10 days.

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