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School should have protocol against homophobia, assesses expert

School should have protocol against homophobia, assesses expert

Dealing with bullying in schools is not a simple task, but the situation becomes even more complex when it is related to the sexual orientation or gender identity of a child or adolescent. Therefore, in the assessment of psychotherapist and teacher Saulo Ciasca, schools need to adopt a clear protocol to deal with these cases.

In an interview with CNN Radio Ciasca stated that, once established, this protocol will help children and adolescents to identify when a certain situation is violence, in addition to giving the victim security to tell what is happening.

“First, the school needs to take a broad approach to bullying throughout the school, putting very clear rules for coexistence and in relation to the pro-diversity policy, with a trusting and supportive environment”, he said. Ciasca also defends dialogue with those responsible, distribution of educational materials to teachers, in addition to supporting victims.

Ciasca recalls, however, that addressing the issue of sexual and gender-based violence is not always easy in the school environment. “Often it’s a taboo because people are very afraid, they think it’s talking about sex with children, but it has nothing to do with it”, he guaranteed. “It has to do with respect to the body, diversity, it has to do with the child knowing how to identify what they cannot in relation to the body, to identify when they are in a situation where they need to call other people, to identify when something is wrong” .

The expert stated that it is up to both the school and the family to identify when a child or adolescent is being bullied. Their most common reaction is to socialize less and isolate themselves. “That child who is always alone, more quiet is because he is trying to protect himself or because a group is doing social bullying, which is imposing isolation on this child”, he explained.

The specialist explains that the practice of bullying by children needs to be analyzed in terms of its complexity. “There is a possibility that the aggressor is or has been a victim of bullying. Often, victims will become bullies for other, more defenseless children as well,” he explains. “Other kids end up getting into it because they’re afraid of being bullied themselves,” the teacher said.

Source: CNN Brasil