Scientists have created a vaccine patch for COVID-19, it is many times stronger than injections

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American scientists from the universities of Stanford and North Carolina 3D printed a patch with a vaccine, which was much stronger and more effective than conventional vaccinations. The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, claims that animal tests showed a strong immune response, which is 20 times stronger after primary immunization and 50 times after booster immunization (on day 30).

A vaccine patch consists of a polymer backing on which microscopic 3D printed needles are placed. They are long enough to pierce the skin and inject the substance. The patch is glued to the skin, where there are a lot of immune cells, and the increased immune response allows you to save the dose of the drug. Scientists hope that their solution will work for people who are afraid of injections. In addition, this method of vaccination is much simpler than traditional vaccinations, which allows you to carry out it yourself.

“We hope to lay the groundwork for the development of vaccines that can be applied at lower dosages, without pain or anxiety,” said Joseph M. DeSimone, a professor at Stanford University.

The researchers note that this method of production allows for the creation of patches with vaccines against COVID-19, influenza, measles and hepatitis.

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