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Scientists warn: More and more frequent extreme heat waves in Europe

Europe is facing increasingly extreme heat waves, which the human body is struggling to cope with, as the temperature continues to rise due to climate change, the European Copernicus service and the World Meteorological Organization have warned. In their report on climate conditions in Europe, the two agencies referred to the extreme conditions observed in 2023, including the heatwave that occurred in July that caused 41% of southern Europe strong, very strong or extreme heat stress. This is the largest area of ​​Europe to have experienced such conditions since records have been kept. Extreme heat is particularly dangerous for the health of those who work outdoors, the elderly and people suffering from diseases such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes. In some areas of Italy, a 7% increase in the number of deaths compared to normal was recorded last year in July. Thermal burden measures the effects of the environment on the human body, combining factors such as […]
Source: News Beast

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