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Scooby’s wife criticizes “washing dirty laundry” on the web after Luana Piovani’s comments

The model Cintia Dicker 37, surfer’s wife Pedro Scooby 35, opened a question box on her Instagram on Saturday night (6) and criticized those who use the social network to “wash dirty laundry”. The story was published after the actress Luana Piovani criticize her ex-husband and say that he is “inconsequential and irresponsible.”

During the chat with fans, Dicker was asked by a follower: “What do you think of people who ‘air dirty laundry’ on Instagram?” The model then responded: “I’m here thinking about how to answer this question, because I think it’s so absurd that I don’t even have an answer for it…”, she begins. “My problems, love, you won’t be able to solve. I won’t be able to solve yours. So, call someone who can solve them and that’s it”, she concludes.

The model adds: “I think it’s a waste. In fact, I think it gives engagement, it gives likes, it gives money to the person who is washing dirty laundry. Let’s wake up.”

On Saturday (6), Piovani published a series of stories criticizing Scooby for having created an Instagram account to Sun 12, the firstborn from the previous relationship, without her authorization. According to the artist, it doesn’t matter who manages the profile or what cell phone is logged into.

“This child is also mine. The responsibility is also mine. I should have been questioned, asked. Then, together, we would reach a consensus, but that is not how it happens. After all, he is a great hero, right?”, he said.

Next, Luana said that Scooby is reckless and irresponsible. “He doesn’t even pay 50% of his children’s expenses, but everyone thinks he’s the best father in the world because he loves his children and is a really cheerful guy,” she criticized before leaving a message for those who defend him.

“You don’t understand anything about raising children. The moment you understand that love is not enough to create conscious, responsible and loving human beings. We need many other things for a relationship to work. Love is not enough. But I know that life is so hard that when we see a father loving a child, we think we have seen a miracle, but it is not. For me, this is a basic premise. For me, there are millions of other things missing,” he emphasized.

Luana Piovani says she never liked to draw attention: “It’s hard work”

Source: CNN Brasil

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