Search for accommodations grew 61% on November holidays, research shows

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Vaccination against Covid-19 advances. At least 122.2 million completed the vaccination schedule in Brazil. With this, people feel safer to leave home and travel.

During the November holidays – The Dead (2) and the Proclamation of the Republic (15) – the country registered a 61% increase in the search for accommodation compared to the average of the previous four weeks. The data are from a survey carried out by the Decolar travel agency.

Also according to the survey, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are the cities most sought after by customers. Belo Horizonte, Campos do Jordão and Búzios are among the five places that will be most visited.

In the Northeast region, Maceió, Porto de Galinhas and Natal are the most popular cities to spend the holiday. In the South region, the highlight of the survey was for Florianópolis and Balneário Camboriú.

To cope with this intense displacement of vehicles on the roads, the government of São Paulo is preparing the Proclamation of the Republic operation, with reinforcement in service and inspections.

The forecast is that more than 3.1 million cars and buses will pass along the lanes, in both directions, and through the four main road corridors: Castelo-Raposo, Anhanguera-Bandeirantes, Ayrton Senna-Carvalho Pinto and Anchieta-Imigrantes.

The concessionaire that manages the Anchieta-Imigrantes section expects a movement of between 220,000 and 335 thousand vehicles heading towards the coast of São Paulo from midnight this Friday (12) to midnight on Tuesday (16).

In relation to air transport, the holiday should move 684,000 passengers at the country’s main airports. Infraero forecasts that Guarulhos Airport, in São Paulo, will receive 468,000 passengers between November 12th and 16th. The number is 47% higher compared to 2020.

The peaks at the airports will happen on the afternoon of this Friday, with the departure of the holiday, and on Monday, on the return home. Each day must handle 160,000 passengers and more than 1,200 aircraft.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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