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Searches for breast milk donations have grown in the last 3 months; see how to donate

Searches for “breast milk donation ” on the internet grew up to 100 points in the last three months, according to a survey carried out by CNN on Google Trends. Search trends for the term began to increase from May 3rd, with 41 points, reaching the maximum score on Friday (17th), on the eve of World Human Milk Donation Day, recognized this Sunday (19th). .

The date is part of an initiative to raise awareness among society about the importance of donating human milk. According to rBLH (Global Network of Human Milk Banks), Fiocruz (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz), the objectives of the campaign are to encourage the donation of breast milk, promote debates about the importance of breastfeeding and donation, in addition to publicizing milk banks in Brazilian states and municipalities.

According to Google Trends , the region with the greatest interest in “breast milk donation” is São Paulo. In fact, searches for the term “breast milk donation sp” showed a sudden increase in the tool. See the graph below:

What is the importance of donating human milk?

According to the Ministry of Health, one liter of donated breast milk can feed up to 10 newborns per day. The donation aims to save the lives of premature or low birth weight babies who are hospitalized and cannot be breastfed by their own mothers. According to the folder, the main benefits of breast milk include:

  • Protect the child against diarrhea, respiratory infections and allergies;
  • Reduce mortality in children under 5 years of age by 13%;
  • Reduce the risk of developing hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity in adulthood.

Also according to the folder, every year, approximately, around 150 thousand liters of human breast milk are collected, processed and distributed to low birth weight newborns who are hospitalized in neonatal units throughout Brazil.

How to donate breast milk?

Donating breast milk can be done by any breastfeeding woman, as long as she is healthy and does not take medications that interfere with breastfeeding. Any amount of human milk can be donated.

To donate, simply contact the milk bank closest to your home or call 136 for more information about donating. Brazil has the largest Network of Human Milk Banks in the world, according to the WHO (World Health Organization). You can check the location of banks via rBLH website.

To donate, breast milk must be stored in glass bottles with a wide mouth and plastic lid, previously sanitized with soap and water and then boiled for 15 minutes, counting the time from the start of boiling.

It is important to clean the breast with water and wash your hands with soap and water, in addition to wearing a mask over your nose and mouth to prevent droplets of saliva from falling into the donated milk.

After being donated, the milk collected is analyzed and goes through a pasteurization process, subsequently undergoing quality control before being supplied to babies hospitalized in neonatal units.

Source: CNN Brasil

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