Seat dispute causes fight on Gol plane in Salvador; watch videos

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A widespread fight involved passengers on a Gol flight that was going from Salvador to Congonhas airport, in São Paulo, this Thursday (2).

The confusion happened before takeoff, according to the airline. The flight – number G3 1659 – ended up being delayed by about 1 hour.

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Videos circulating on the internet show women exchanging slaps, cursing and pulling each other’s hair. Some people try to sort out the confusion without success. The flight attendants intervene and, even with the help of other passengers, are unable to control the fight.

One of them even jumped over the armchair to hit another passenger. Those involved would be from two large families who didn’t know each other and just shared the flight.

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The confusion would have started after a passenger asked the other to give up her seat at the window as she was accompanied by a child with special needs.

questioned by CNN Gol did not inform the reason that provoked the widespread fight and did not provide information about the identity of those involved.

On social networks, people who were on the flight said that it all started when the child’s mother asked to change places with the passenger who was at the window. The woman would have agreed, but after taking another seat, she called her husband complaining about the situation with a curse word. The child’s sister heard and would have started the fight.

In a statement, the airline stated that “the people involved who were the protagonists of the aggression scene were disembarked and did not continue their journey” and that “it regrets every act of violence and reinforces that the actions carried out by the crew team were taken with a focus on Safety” .

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Source: CNN Brasil

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