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SeaWorld Orlando debuts penguin-themed roller coaster

O SeaWorld Orlando opened last Sunday (7) the Penguin Trek the Florida park’s eighth roller coaster. The family-friendly attraction is penguin-themed and reaches up to 70 km/h on an internal and external route with sharp curves.

The roller coaster takes adventurers to a replica of a research station in Antarctica. The cars resemble snowmobiles, motorcycles designed to ride on snow.

The adventure begins in an “ice cave”, where the cart is launched out at a speed of 70 km/h and reaches a peak of almost 20 meters high. Before re-entering the station, the cart goes through curves, twists and turns and is launched again.

The roller coaster is over 900 meters long and was designed for families, as the minimum height to ride the toy is 1.07m .

At the end of the attraction, visitors pass through an exhibition about penguins, which includes more than 300 of them in an area with temperatures around 1ºC.

People admire penguins swimming at SeaWorld Orlando

The novelty is located in the area “Antarctica Realm ”, which also has a bar with draft beer and drinks and a café with salads and options of Italian and Asian dishes.

With the opening, SeaWorld reinforces its position as the theme park with the most roller coasters in Orlando. The location opened last year Pipeline: The Surf Coaster a roller coaster in which adventurers stand on a platform that imitates a surfboard. In 2022 it was the turn of the opening of Ice Breaker the park’s first launch roller coaster and considered the steepest in Florida.

Source: CNN Brasil

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