SEC will hold a meeting on cryptocurrencies

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The SEC will hold a discussion on cryptocurrency and digital assets. The discussion will focus on ensuring the protection of investors, which is the main task of the commission. The SEC will also discuss rapidly changing market conditions with lightning-fast development of new technologies.

According to the official talk page, the group will be exploring new ways to protect investors looking to access the digital asset market. The panelists will discuss how to optimize the current regulatory framework in line with the newly formed decentralized market structure.

Core risk is another topic that the panel is looking forward to addressing, including discussions on various blockchain and DeFi technologies, crypto ETFs and stablecoins.

The market as a whole has not yet reacted to the event, although in fact it could have a positive outcome for the entire industry. The SEC previously said it would only allow further approval of new products if it finds a way to properly regulate those products or the market in which they will operate.

The group will include experts from various financial companies and universities, including Eli Emdad, who is a professor at the Graves School of Business and Management at Morgan State University and is the founding director of the Center for Blockchain and Financial Technology Studies.

The blockchain industry will also be represented by Christine Smith, CEO of the Blockchain Association, a company that advocates for the further development and implementation of blockchain networks by providing education to government agencies and continuing advocacy with commissions such as the SEC.

The panel discussion will last about an hour and a half. The Commission will then switch the topic to “The Possible Role of the Securities and Exchange Commission in Addressing Aged Financial Abuse.”

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