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Secret documents reveal Hamas plan to build base in Turkey

The Israeli military has discovered secret documents that claim Hamas plans to set up a base of operations in Turkey if it withdraws from Gaza to continue hostilities with Israel The times.co.uk reported that the documents were discovered at the home of Hamza Abu Sanab, chief of staff to Yahya Shinwar, leader of Hamas in Gaza. According to the publication, the documents stated that “there is no choice but to make a major effort to establish military enclaves that will be the basis for special operations that can strengthen the resistance forces militarily, diplomatically and morally – so we propose the creation of a security annex abroad, which will be able to carry out espionage and military operations in the future.” Then there were details of a three-year plan to create military enclaves and train Hamas members for sabotage, kidnapping and assassination operations. The targets of these attacks were described as Mossad officials, prominent Israelis […]
Source: News Beast

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