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Secret Santa: what it is and gift ideas for the secret Santa

With the Christmas the time is upon us to think about gifts, but how can we not squander all our savings or our thirteenth month’s salary, also risking not finding the right gift? The answer is in Secret Santaor if you prefer Secret Santaan all-American tradition which, fortunately for us, will not only allow us to reduce the expenses dedicated to gifts to a minimum, but also to lower the level of stress when searching for the perfect gift for everyone.

What is Secret Santa

When you were little, Dad Christmas he was a bearded gentleman dressed in red who, it’s not yet clear how, traveled all over the globe with a list full of gifts. A dream that animated the Advent season of the first years of life until it was discovered that all those gifts were nothing more than the work of mum, dad, grandparents and so on.

What if we tried to bring some of that magic back to today’s gift exchange too? There is a way and yes call Secret Santa: here, in fact, thanks to a game of fate, a gift will be given to another person without them knowing who they are receiving a gift from.

A real way to shuffle the cards on the table and, perfect, also for exchanging gifts between friends, colleagues and teammates: a no-stress, economical and above all fun method to celebrate the arrival of Christmas.

Secret Santa: how to organize it

Organize the Secret Santa It’s easier than you think and you just need to follow a few really simple steps. We start, first of all, by collecting the participations and, subsequently, by writing all the names of the participants on different pieces of paper.

At this point, everyone will take turns wearing the role of Secret Santa going to extract the name of the person for whom he will have to choose the perfect gift.

So give yourself a couple of weeks and, in addition, also agree on a budget so as to select gifts of more or less the same value. At this point, then, only the final step is missing: delivering the gifts in complete anonymity and never ever revealing that you are someone else’s Secret Santa.

Gift ideas for Secret Santa

The gift ideas for Secret Santa there are so many and, whether they are for him or her, you can range between cheaper or less economical proposals. The important thing, however, is to intercept the tastes of those who will receive the gift and, perhaps, not to take it too seriously and make fun of it (especially if you are thinking of a gift between colleagues). And if ideas are scarce, here are some useful ideas

The funny notebook

Fun notepad

If the Secret Santa is among colleagues, this is the gift to give. And if the phrase doesn’t fit perfectly, there are many other decidedly funny ones: Keep calm. We have an Excel file for this, Lists of things needed for yesterday, but also Things I want to say at the meeting but can’t.

The hat for those who suffer from the cold

Uniqlo, heattech thermal hat

Inside the collection UNIQLO x Anya Hindmarch There is also this colorful hat ideal as a gift low price for Secret Santa. In four different colors, it is made of thermal fabric that absorbs and retains heat. To complete it all, the two small logo eyes of the limited edition line.

The beauty kit

Burt’s Bees, Gift Set

An alternative idea for decorating the tree, but also a small set to donate when the budget has been set low. It contains a Vanilla Lip Balm and a Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, made with 100% natural and refined ingredients.

The box set dedicated to relaxation

smartbox – Romantic Relax in Spa Box Set for Two

The right gift for those who still know little about each other and want to be on the safe side: this box will allow those who receive it to take a break for a few hours, perhaps after a full immersion with relatives.

The bag with a mini price

H&M, Small shoulder bag

This mini bag is the perfect gift for a friend who is always attentive to fashion or for the one who is always ready to expand their collection. The silver details and the baguette shape make it an it bag of the moment.

Bath bombs

Bomb Cosmetics, bath bombs

Seven bath bombs designed for those with a super festive mood. From cliffs in boiling water, they’ll add scent, hydrating oils and a pop of color to relaxing baths from Christmas to New Year and beyond.

The set for herbal tea lovers

Pukka Herbs, Calm Collection

If for the Secret Santa you have drawn the colleague or colleague always with a cup in hand, this is a gift not to be underestimated. A mix of sachets, made with natural ingredients, to discover new aromas and flavors of tea and herbal teas.

Customizable socks

FALKE, Customizable socks

Made from lightweight, heat-regulating merino wool, these are not just simple socks but a model that can be personalized with numbers and initials.

The useful and compact beauty case

Travel Beauty Case

You can never have enough beauty cases and, for this reason, they could not be missing from our selection dedicated to the Secret Santa. This, in addition to being well organised, also contains a small clutch bag for all the most fragile products.

Wireless headphones

Sony WH-CH520 headphones

No, wireless headphones aren’t necessarily an expensive gift. We found a pair with a small price, but with a current and super cool line. All, obviously, without sacrificing sound performance.

The staple of the holidays

Easilocks, Oversized hair bow

This is the year of bows, whether for the table setting but also to make your look unique. This maxi bow, which costs less than 15 euros, is the right choice for a Secret Santa among friendsashion lover.

For the old style colleague


Secret Santa is the perfect time to desecrate all the ceremonial that revolves around the Christmas period. This is why, among the gifts, we have also chosen a gift in boxes to put old and new generations in competition. The perfect gift for a colleague who has been stuck in his chair for several years.

For those who always lose everything

Tile Bluetooth object locator

For those who lose their house keys, bag and phone at least 5 or 6 times a day. This little locator will help even the most distracted people who will certainly appreciate the possibility of finding it in Secret Santa’s gifts.

Source: Vanity Fair

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