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Security camera records dramatic moments: He steals her car, hits her with it and leaves

An old woman ends up violently on the ground when a thief in the Liverpool of Britain steals the car her, while she has been getting out of her vehicle for a while.

Security cameras recorded the dramatic moments when a man opened the door of the woman’s Hyundai and entered it, while she was just a few meters away.

The woman had gotten out of the car less than 30 seconds before and ran back when she saw him thief to get into it. She managed to open the door and tried to push him out, but he pushed her forward, knocking her down and throwing her down.

Police are now seeking information about the perpetrator. The incident occurred on April 11, according to the Daily Mail.

Fortunately, the old woman who tried to stop the thief of her car was not injured during the dangerous incident.

Source: News Beast

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