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See attractions and how to watch the 2024 Brazilian Music Awards

Paying homage Tim Maia the 31st edition of Brazilian Music Award 2024 will take place on June 12th this year at Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theater . The event also aims to reward artists, composers, producers and musicians who stood out most during 2023.

Annually, the award honors iconic figures in Brazilian music, such as Tom Jobim, Clara Nunes, and Maria Bethânia.

This year's program will feature 27 big names in music, such as Marisa Monte, Alceu Valença, Carlinhos Brown, Ney Matogrosso and Seu Jorge which will be divided into 11 presentations of classics by Tim Maia.

See all 27 Brazilian Music Awards attractions divided by their corresponding presentations

  • Simone and Ney Matogrosso,
  • Marisa Monte ,
  • Chico César, Alceu Valença and Mônica Salmaso,
  • Zélia Duncan e Silva,
  • Seu Jorge, Melly and Rachel Reis,
  • Larissa Luz, Carlinhos Brown and Hiran,
  • Heaven and Shaman,
  • Sandra Sá, Margareth Menezes and Sued Nunes,
  • Pedro Sampaio, Márcio Victor (Psirico) and Gloria Groove,
  • Toni Tornado, Lazzo Matumbi, Yan Cloud and Jota.Pê,
  • Cida Moreira and Rico Dalasam

Some highlights will be by Simone and Ney Matogrosso, with a duet of two romantic songs by Tim Maia, “Azul Cor do Mar” and “Primavera” Marisa Monte with “You” and Zélia Duncan and Silva with “Sunday Day”.

Regina Casé will be responsible for presenting the 31st edition.

How to watch the Brazilian Music Awards?

The event will be broadcast live on Canal Brasil and the Brazilian Music Awards channel on YouTube.

Complete information about the Brazilian Music Award is available at PMB official website.

Source: CNN Brasil

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