See the most bought and sold shares by Brazilians in the US in December

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Stocks linked to the car industry and the metaverse led the interest of Brazilians in the United States in December, according to Stake, a platform for investing in shares in the North American market.

The most purchased asset in the month was that of Blink Charging, a manufacturer of equipment for charging electric cars, according to a survey.

“December was excellent for the electric car industry, including automakers like Tesla, NIO, Xpeng and Liu, which delivered record vehicle numbers for the month,” Stake says in a note.

The second most bought stock was Omega Healthcare Investors, a REITs (real estate investment trusts, company focused on the real estate market) that operates in the healthcare sector.

Next, in third and fourth places, respectively, are real estate investment funds Vici Properties and WP Carey Inc. In fifth place, Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF, an investment advisor focused on investments in the metaverse sector.

Rodrigo Lima, investment analyst at Stake, points out that there is a high propensity of Brazilians for real estate investments abroad.

“In Brazil, the FIIs listed on the B3 offer exposure to a few sectors, being very concentrated in shopping malls, logistics warehouses and corporate offices, while there are REITs from several other sectors listed on the American stock exchanges”, he says.

About the metaverse, the expert says that this market came to light after Facebook changed its name to Meta and called itself “a social technology company”.

best sellers

Among the best-selling assets of the previous month, the ETF of the gold mining company GDX stands out, which “after a big rise from January to June 2021, went through a long period of stagnation, forcing investors out of paper after a vigorous drop”, said Lima.

The pharmacy sector was also present among the North American stocks most sold by Brazilians. However, Lima states that the reasons may differ, “while the shares of Finch and Rafael Holdings melted, Acadia’s assets rose vigorously, propelling some investors to take profits”

“And it is worth mentioning the IT company Secureworks, which, after a considerable rally from June to September 2021, returned a good part of the gains, encouraging several investors to close their positions, albeit with losses”, explained the analyst.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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