See the most recommended stocks by banks and brokers for the month of September

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Once again, Vale followed as the most recommended action among the portfolios analyzed by the CNN Brasil Business : Órama, Genial, Santander, Warren, Ativa, Terra, Àgora, ModalMais, CM Capital, Guide and Elite. The mining company had 6 nominations.

In second place were Suzano and Assaí, both with five recommendations. Third place went to Petrobras, Itaú and Lojas Renner – with four suggestions.

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See below the most recommended papers among the portfolios and banks analyzed for this month:

Attention points

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This month, investors focused on buying and selling shares should have the super Wednesday, on September 21, on their radar. On that date, both the Federal Reserve (US central bank) and the Copom (Monetary Policy Committee) will decide the course of interest rates.

“Considering the most recent inflation data in Brazil, we should not have any surprises regarding the Selic, with more bets on maintaining the current rate [que está a 13,75%]. On the US side, uncertainties exist and can affect the markets”, says Mario Mariante, chief analyst at Planner Corretora.

Terra Investimentos’ team of analysts emphasizes that BCs’ decision-making aims to control countries’ inflation, and, if they decide to increase interest rates, they can drive investors away from risky assets, such as the stock exchange, even more so when the investment is in an emerging country, like Brazil.

Considering that the foreign flow is very relevant for the Brazilian market, points out Terra, the Ibovespa should be affected in September.

According to B3 data, foreign investors were responsible for 26.63% of the buyer flow, equivalent to R$322 billion, and for 25.15% of the selling flow, at R$304 billion.

Test your knowledge about the Ibovespa

Let’s start with an easy one: what is the Ibovespa?

Who is responsible for calculating the Ibovespa?

What types of assets are eligible to be listed on the Ibovespa?

Which of these is NOT a criterion for a stock to enter the Ibovespa

How many shares are currently in the Ibovespa theoretical portfolio?

How often is the Ibovespa theoretical portfolio reviewed?

What is the most important stock on the Ibovespa?

What is the smallest share on the Ibovespa?

Each Ibovespa point is equivalent to 1 real. This statement is

What is the historical record for closing the Ibovespa?

Try again!

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Congratulations! Are you an Ibovespa expert?

Another important point for Mariante is the behavior of the main commodities (iron ore and oil, mainly) that have a great impact on the prices of companies with weight in the Ibovespa.

Both markets remain volatile in prices and exposed to factors such as the war in Ukraine.

As a way out, Terra analysts declare that investors should stay away from companies with great exposure to the foreign market, due to all the problems of weakened demand and higher costs, and seek to protect themselves in more stable sectors, with regular demand, greater presence in Brazil and that do not show large price fluctuations, such as the electricity sector.

Highlights for the month

Find out what analysts said about the top three stocks for September:


Action: VALE3

Comment: Earth

Iron ore in China is expected to keep the scenario volatile, as the Asian giant’s government continues to analyze policies
of stimuli that tend to increase demand for the product Even so, the expectation for a resumption to historical levels of demand for Steel.

The risk factor remains associated with restrictions on combating Covid-19 and signs of interference in Taiwan. The company follows
showing strong operating results despite the latest production revisions.

Another long-term factor is the war between Russia and Ukraine, which in the long term should generate greater demand for metals to replace war weapons.

Iron ore is a commodity that was widely used in the reconstruction of countries affected by wars in the past.


Action: SUZB3

Comment: drama

Suzano is the largest producer of market pulp in the world, with more than 10 million tons sold in the last twelve months. The company has very strong competitive advantages, especially in the cultivation and management of forests.

The planting regions provide very fast growth, which is added to the eucalyptus varieties with a differentiated genetic profile that are cultivated by the company. The production units are relatively well located in relation to the forests, and as a result the company achieves very low costs.

Due to the large scale, the logistics part also accumulates cost advantages.

Suzano maintains adequate indebtedness, operating at a multiple of 2.3x net debt/EBITDA.


Action: ASAI3

Comment: Guide

Assaí is a company focused on the cash and carry segment, being the largest pure player in the segment, and is currently the largest brand operated by the Casino Group in the world. It has 187 stores in 23 states and a market share of approximately 30%, serving resellers, transformers, users and end consumers.

The company has strong cash generation, being a highlight of growth in the sector. It has well-defined strategy and execution for the expansion of the company and management with extensive experience in the food retail sector. The company is also prominent ESG in its sector.

Assaí has ​​positive prospects, with the opening of 12 new organic stores in 2022 and the conversion of the Extra-Hiper stores acquired from GPA, with the expected delivery of 40 stores for the second half of this year.

Source: CNN Brasil

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