See the stocks that could pay the most dividends in 2023

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A survey carried out by TradeMap points out which are the actions with potential for good results in dividends and Interest on Equity (JCP’s) for this year.

The action with best dividend yield projected for 2023 is Petrobras’ PN (PETR4). In 2021, the company recorded a profit of BRL 106.6 billion and, in the nine months of 2022, BRL 144.9 billion (35.92% higher than the previous year).

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The calculation of the projected indicator for the end of 2023 considers the share price on the last day of 2022 and the same amount of dividends and JCP’s distributed by the share in the year 2022.

According to the TradeMap report, the list presents the 22 stocks projected to dividend yield higher than 5% for 2023. “If we consider the market’s basic interest rate as a reference, which is currently at 13.75%, only three securities would have the potential to surpass it: Petrobras PN, Petrobras ON and Metal Leve”, he points out. .

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In 2022, Petrobras’ preferred shares remunerated the shareholder with dividends and JCP’s, which resulted in a dividend yield of 58.65%. The median of the indicator in the last five years until December 2022 is 5.59%. That is, the projection for 2023 exceeds the median of the last five years.

“If Petrobras registers in 2022 a profit greater than that of 2021 and if the dividend distribution policy is maintained in 2023 equal to or greater than that of 2022, the dividend yield projected for 2023 is 68.32%”, projects the document.

According to the list, two segments stood out: there are four banks in the ranking and three pulp and paper companies. “The other sectors appear with two or one stock in the sample. Except for the first three papers in the ranking, the other 19 must pay earnings lower than the Selic”.

In total, 17 actions have the potential to deliver a dividend yield higher than the median of the last five years. The projection for Metal Leve (LEVE3), for example, is 13.66% in 2023, while the median of the last five years is 7.52%.

“There are also cases in which the DY is below the median in this period, such as Directional ON (DIRR3). The projection for the construction company in 2023 is 7.48% and the median of the last five years is 9.41%”, analyzes the study report.

It is worth mentioning that, of the 22 shares listed, 13 already registered, in nine months of 2022, a profit higher than that of the year 2021. Another nine stocks should register profit in the 4th quarter of 2022, reaching the same level of 2021.


Phil Soares, head of stock analysis at Órama, says he is optimistic about commodities in general, as he has a perspective of economic performance that is more disconnected from domestic economic activity and a good price environment. He highlights Vale, Klabin and Minerva.

“What has been conveyed by the new management of Banco do Brasil and Petrobras is a perspective of discontinuity in the high dividends that have been practiced. Regarding the state companies, we still haven’t had any signs of change, especially given the continuity in the management of the main companies”, points out Soares.

The economist explains that the dividend paid in the recent past is a good marker, especially if the prospect is for the continuity of the company’s economic scenario.

“We see continuity in the iron ore, oil, pulp and protein markets. Our expectation is that commodity companies will be the best dividend payers in 2023”, he bets.

Source: CNN Brasil

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