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See what Porto Alegre airport looked like after cleaning

The concessionaire Fraport, responsible for managing Salgado Filho airport, in Porto Alegre (RS), released images this week of what the air terminal looked like after cleaning work.

The airport was completely flooded during the rains of April and May in Rio Grande Sul, which caused the worst flooding in the history of the state and the capital of Rio Grande do Sul.

Operations at Salgado Filho were halted in early May. A date for the airport to reopen has not yet been set. However, Fraport stated this month that landings and takeoffs should only resume in December.

Until then, an emergency operation was mounted at the Canoas Air Base – in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre. Boarding and disembarking operations take place at ParkShopping Canoas. The terminal opens from 6 am and closes activities according to the departure schedule of the last flight of the day. Passengers are transferred to the air base by bus.

In May, Fraport presented to the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) a request for economic-financial rebalancing of the concession contract. There is no deadline for analysis. If the request is approved, there are three options: reducing the grant payment made by Fraport to the Union, extending the contract period or increasing the fares paid by passengers and airlines.

Last weekend, aircraft that had been marooned at the airport were allowed to fly away.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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