See you later

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I have always thought that taking leave is more difficult than arriving. The value you have given to the piece of road traveled together determines exactly what you decide to put in that “hello”.

By knowing how to say this word well, one becomes great. Give us the best you have, always, whatever situation requires your greeting. What I put in here is a lot of gratitude, that everyone is good when you arrive. Before this column lived only in my dreams, then it became a dream in real life; my dream with organs in sight because I never wear skin. I am a bear, I lose pieces and people on the street, I do not recover for discretion, I cry, I laugh right and often even all together.

I like to know that even on this “disorderly occasion” I didn’t spare myself, I avoided the “beauty filter” with the conviction that writing should be full of wrinkles, bags and dark circles; especially on Thursday, the night before delivery to the newspaper. I wrote 85 articles, I donated to each one: four hours of sleep, 12.90 euros per month for the purchase of blue light anti-fried eye patches, 500 grams of new 3D cellulite fed with ten chocolates every Thursday night, precisely. So bye! I love you messy-ie. See you around, but above all … THANKSEEEEEEEEEE! Amber

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