Selective for Miss Universe, Miss Brazil is this Saturday; test your knowledge

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The final of Miss Brazil, the main beauty contest in the country, takes place this Saturday (6), aboard the MSC Preziosa cruise. The 27 candidates, representing all the federative units in the country, are vying for the spot for the Miss Universe, which will be held next month in Israel.

This will be the 67th edition of the competition, which began in 1954. The first was held at the historic Hotel Quitandinha, in Petrópolis (RJ), and was won by Martha Rocha, from Bahia.

In 2020, the contest was held in a different way, with the ceremony taking place without an audience and no announcement through social media. Júlia Gama, from Rio Grande do Sul, was the winner, and represented Brazil in the last MIss Universe, held in May this year.

After all this information, it’s time to test your knowledge of national and global beauty pageants.

How much do you know about Miss Brazil and Miss Universe?

Scheduled to take place on November 7, the Miss Brazil beauty contest defines which model will represent the country in the following month at the Miss Universe

Which country won the most Miss Universe?

How many times has Brazil won the contest?

Which is the first Latin country to win the Miss Universe?

What country is the first Miss Universe from?

And the last Miss Universe is representative of which country?

In which position was Júlia Gama, the last Brazilian to compete?

Which of these countries never won the Miss Universe?

Which Miss Brazil died this year?

Which of these famous has already been elected Miss Brazil?

What is the only country to win two Miss Universes in a row?

state miss

You’re not very into beauty pageants

If you want to follow more this year, Miss Brazil takes place on November 8th. The Miss Universe is scheduled for December, in Israel.

Miss Brasil

Almost there.

You have a good general knowledge and have been following the latest contests.

Miss Universe

Knows all!

You follow all the contests, and always know what’s going on, in addition to knowing the history well.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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