Selena Gomez, photos with the new (alleged) boyfriend Drew Taggart

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They look with complicitywhile watching the ball roll towards the skittles: she spreads her arms, he smiles. Selena Gomez And Andrew “Drew” Taggart were immortalized during an appointment at The Guttera famous bowling alley of New York. If it was about a romantic encounter – to date – it is not known, it is certain that the couple played quietly close to other customers of the venue.

No intention of hide the reportof whatever nature it is. The gossip, of course, is rocket party, already speaking again love: «They were kissing», told an eyewitness to Page Six, which he published exclusively shots and videos of the scene. «A group of girls approached for take a picture with Selena. Then a man came and asked her an autograph».

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Meanwhile, even before that images came out, U.S. Weekly had talked about “love story” between the two artists: «They are not trying to cover it up by sneaking in in private clubs», he underlined an insider over the weekend, while they were already circulating on social networks the tales of some users who claimed to have seen them in tender attitudes. «She is really affectionate with the DJ».

But who is, Exactly, Drew Taggart? He is a musician of the The Chainsmokersan American duo who do pop-electronica. It recently made headlines for too sentimental matters: in the summer, in fact, he had an affair with the daughter of Steve Jobs, model Eve. In Selena, however, in recent months have been attributed some flirting, the last with Brad Peltz, brother of her dearest friend Nicholas.

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No confirmation. May Drew be the person who will succeed make her fall in love again? The premises, between one game of bowling and another, they all seem to be there.

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