Selena Gomez took a break from social media and it changed her life

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Lately I have happened to reflect on what kind of impact time spent on social media has on my life. I realized that it is often negative and I have given myself the rule to redefine it, perhaps taking an example from Selena Gomez and his experience.

The singer said that, despite being one of the most followed people in the world and having very up-to-date profiles, she manages her accounts as strictly necessary. In fact, three years ago she realized she felt too “connected”, never to disconnect from online life: “I found myself in one place – has explained – where I was constantly reading and seeing things about myself. It almost seemed to me that my thoughts were commented on and shared by thousands of people, but this gave me nothing back, on the contrary it made me feel more insecure than ever ».

It was this very feeling that made her think it would be better for her to close all her profiles. “My staff stopped me, they told me it wouldn’t be a good idea, but that we could find a way to use them in the way I thought most appropriate,” he said. The solution was to entrust them completely to external people who, however, constantly dialogue with Selena Gomez who gives indications on what to post: “I’m happy to have done so because social media are a wonderful tool that connects you with many people, but I want to take only the best”. This means no longer having to scroll through the news section, not seeing what others are posting in your feed, or reading comments of any kind.

“I’m completely unaware of what’s going on in pop culture and what people say about me. I’m serene, I’m happy and it literally saved my life! “he concluded.

In our case, it is difficult for someone to take care of social media for us, but we can certainly limit the time we dedicate to ourselves, we can choose to follow and receive updates only from accounts that make us feel better or have fun and limit interactions to those necessary. Maybe, next time, posting a photo that is not exactly beautiful, but that reminds us of a good moment we want to share, will not be a tragedy.


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