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Self-Tanning Face Drops. I Tried Them and Understood Why They Went Viral

Could the solution be self-tanning drops? I ask myself, as I look at myself in the mirror in the morning and see myself as a beautiful mozzarella color. I am also round like a mozzarella, but I will think about that another time: never be in too much of a hurry to start a slimming diet. In the meantime, however, I would like to get a little tan, to eliminate the city pallor from my face. Nein!, my inner soldier shouts. Did you say tan? Nein, you can no longer expose yourself to the sun without SPF 6000. Otherwise your skin ages, spots appear, your face collapses because it loses elasticity and above all you risk a cell going crazy and you get a tumor of low or high malignant level on the exposed part. And then you die (your inner soldier always kills you, in the end). But with SPF 6000 you should stay under the rays for a month or two, to look healthier. Better then to go for the quick and try a self-tanner: not just any one, but the famous Magic Drops Face Concentrated Self-Tanning Of Collistarwhich have now gone viral. And there you have it. The experiment begins.

I’ll start by saying that I’ve never used a self-tanner in my life. Partly because I had a less demanding little soldier inside me, who let me sunbathe at least on weekends, and partly because until a few years ago, self-tanners gave me an orange complexion that not even a traffic light could. Now, however, research has made progress and The dyes added to self-tanning products really make the skin look amber in a very pleasant way. I read the instructions on the package and I understand that the ideal is to do a light scrub before applying the self-tanning drops, in order to even out the complexion. But I don’t have time. I never have time, like all of us. I therefore limit myself to a thorough cleansing, with a good cleansing milk. I dry my face well by dabbing it with the towel and move on to action.

An ultra-fast operation

I look at the clock. It’s 9:15. The product promises to transform your complexion in less than an hour.. I could mix a couple of drops with my day cream, for a softer result, but I want to use them pure, to understand what the effect is. And since I’m always undisciplined, I don’t follow the instructions, which wisely suggest sipping the drops, pouring them onto my fingers and then spreading them on my face. Instead, carried away by enthusiasm, I squeeze the drops directly onto one cheek, then the other, then onto my nose, chin, forehead, around my lips. I put a full dropper (and a little more), blending the product well at my hairline, my eyebrows, in front of my ears and towards my neck. The drops have a consistency halfway between serum and gel.dense but not too much and they are brownish. They are applied with great ease and the dark color helps you see where you need to add more. The whole thing takes about 40 seconds.

9.35am: I go back to the mirror. They work! Within 20 minutes my skin has already changed colour and it’s as if I’ve spent a day outdoors: my skin is golden and very bright.. I am satisfied. I will be even more satisfied as the hours pass. At 8:30 p.m., when I go out to dinner with friends, there are those who hesitantly venture: “Anna, haven’t you been getting a little too much sun these days?” Perplexed, I look at myself in the mirror again. I am super tanned. Now. There is no doubt that Magic Drops are spectacular.. I’m brainless, too. So don’t do like me: don’t put too many. And count the drops you apply. Don’t go by eye and feeling, as you do in cooking. You really only need 3 drops, maximum 5 to have a beautiful amber complexion.. Instead, reapply 2 more a few days later, to maintain the same intensity of color. However, the result is amazing, so much so that the friends present at the evening examined me with interest and decided to convert to using the drops too. Nevermore withoutIn short.

How the drops work

We know that the skin defends itself from the sun through a natural mechanism: under the stimulation of the rays its melanocytes begin to produce melanin, a pigment that is arranged like a cap on each cell, to protect it. Thus the skin surface is colored and the epidermis is more resistant to UV attacks. If we apply the self-tanning drops on the face or bodymelanin does not come into play: in this case a simple coloring process takes placea bit like when you fry an onion or a steak on the stove and they turn golden. The classic Maillard reaction, which usually involves foods and in this case affects the skin: the sugars in self-tanningIndeed, react on contact with keratin, a protein found in the skin and cause it to darken. Period. In this specific case, the Collistar Magic Drops contain a pigment, walnut hull extract and a chemical compound derived from cane sugar, DHA Rapid, which together caramelize the cells and give the skin a perfect golden brown.

The need for an SPF

It must be said, however, that even if the face seems tanned it is not, precisely because there has been no production of protective melanin, but a simple coloring. Consequently the skin has not developed any defense against UVtherefore it is essential to applyafter self-tanning, an SPF 50which really shields the skin from the sun, especially in this season. This is why Collistar proposes, in addition to the loose product, its combination with another treatment: the Magic Drops Protective Anti-Aging Illuminating Spf 50which complete the treatment. Here too the texture is very light and immediately absorbed. They are perfect, in my opinion, for daily use in the city, as a last cosmetic gesture in the morning, before leaving the house. With or without self-tanning drops.

summing up

The self-tanning drops are applied in a few seconds and within 20 minutes they already give a pleasant bonne mine effect. In the following hours the complexion becomes even more golden and luminous. The plus is that sugar molecules adapt to every skin tone and give everyone a healthy appearance and an amber color, which minimizes imperfections. And precisely because it is a superficial color, it will gradually dissolve, as we wash our face and remove the pigmented cells. But the tan lasts at least 5-6 daysafter which it can be reactivated with other drops. The fact that so few are enough, moreover, means that the bottle lasts a very long time and allows you to amortize its cost, which is also very reasonable. One last warning: remember to wash your hands with soap and water immediately after applying the self tan, if you don’t want to end up with palms the color of toasted bread.

Source: Vanity Fair

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