Sells her hair to buy an oxygen tank for her grandfather

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Hair has a special meaning for women and cutting it is usually a difficult but not impossible decision, especially if this act brings relief to our loved ones, as is the case of 16-year-old Ana Paola Romero.

When Ana found out that her grandfather had fallen ill with covid-19 and needed an oxygen tank to survive, she did everything in her power to buy it: she sold her long hair.

Girl holding her own cut hair in her hands;  He sold his hair to buy an oxygen tank for his grandpa

For two months, Ana has lived with her grandparents Santa and Jesús. They support her unconditionally, provide her with love, security and a roof.

Ana says that her grandfather fell ill due to an outbreak of coronavirus in her family. Their oxygenation levels dropped to 40 and doctors warned them not to drop below 90 or it could have serious consequences. Getting an oxygen tank was paramount and everyone at home was concerned about getting the money to buy it. She then asked her sister if she could take a picture of her to share on Facebook and sell her hair.

I have always liked having my hair long, I think physically it is what I liked the most about myself. I took great care of it, it took me two years to get it this long, below the waist.

… My hair was 73 centimeters from the root. I used an artisan growth shampoo my mom sold and styling creams. I was very careful when brushing it and spent hours in front of the mirror doing a thousand hairstyles that I learned on YouTube.

girl shows her before and after cutting her hair for a good cause;  He sold his hair to buy an oxygen tank for his grandpa

They paid me 2,500 pesos ($ 126) and I gave that money to my aunt for my grandfather’s expenses. The oxygen cylinder was bought, but in less than two hours it was gone (the oxygen) because the fluid was put at maximum capacity to level its oxygenation.

I would rather lose my hair than lose my grandfather. Anyway, the hair grows back. The family spent about 40,000 pesos (approximately $ 2,000) on medications, oxygen, and medical care. They adapted to cope with the situation. What we urgently need is an oxygen concentrator and a larger capacity tank.

My grandfather is very happy, he likes to dance a lot. In fact, he always wants to take us out (to dance), but out of shame we never wanted to. Now that he’s recovered I’m going to dance with him.

With the support of other Internet users, Ana managed to sell her hair and help her grandfather, who will surely be proud of her.

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