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Senago crime: what happens now?

Alexander Impagnetiello is no longer defended by the lawyer Sebastiano Sartori. The lawyer who followed the 30-year-old perpetrator of the Senago crime in recent days has renounced his mandate to defend the man who, on Saturday 27 May, stabbed his pregnant partner Giulia Tramontano to death. In the deed filed with the Public Prosecutor’s office in Milan he speaks of “for reasons connected with the fiduciary relationship” which are covered by professional secrecy.


The lawyer met with Impagnatiello before handing over the mandate. The man is in San Vittore prison, in a cell with another person. According to the lawyer, the bartender who confessed to the crime is said to be in a state of “anxiety that is coming out more and more”. He had already said in recent days that the only legitimate form of repentance could be suicide. “It will certainly be to evaluate his psychological sphere of him” he added, explaining that the man is becoming aware of what he has done.

Senago murder weapon

The lawyer also said that Impagnatiello indicated where the murder weapon is. It wouldn’t have been thrown away. The knife would still be in the house where scientific findings will be made today. The forensics men will also analyze the garage by making unrepeatable findings.


The lawyer however said that Impagnetiello rules out having had accomplices.

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An autopsy will be performed on Giulia Tramontano’s body on Friday 9 June. Only after that can there be the woman’s funeral.

Giulia Tramontano’s family

Giovanni Cacciapuoti, the lawyer of the Court of North Naples appointed by Giulia Tramontano’s parents, confirmed that the family had immediately feared “this tragic epilogue as it was difficult to think that their daughter expecting a baby, despite the shipwreck of the sentimental relationship, had voluntarily moved away from home”. He explained it to Ansa.


Interviewed by the Press, the Minister of the Interior Piantedosi spoke of a strengthening of the regulations in force for the protection of women victims of violence. «Severe penalties are useful, they are necessary but they do not bring the victim back to life and do not exhaust the problem. As far as the Viminale is responsible, we are hypothesizing a strengthening of personal prevention measures starting from the warning against the perpetrators of violent conduct and information to the victims, extending the possibilities and cases of intervention by the questore».

According to the minister, more communication is needed with the anti-violence centres. Piantedosi hypothesizes the enhancement of the use of the electronic bracelet “in the event that the judicial authority decides to adopt special public security surveillance, against subjects suspected of crimes, committed or attempted, in the context of gender-based violence and housekeeper”.

Source: Vanity Fair

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