Senate approves right to accumulate unused balances in postpaid telephony

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The Science and Technology Committee of the Senate approved, this Wednesday (10), the project that gives the consumer the right to accumulate unused balances in the postpaid telephony plan, and to have access to this information.

The text goes on to be analyzed by the Chamber of Deputies, as it was analyzed by the collegiate in a final way, when there is no need to go through the plenary of the House, unless there is an appeal.

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According to the report by Senator Acir Gurgacz (PDT/RO), the proposal is in accordance with the National Consumer Relations Policy, which seeks, among other objectives, to protect the economic interests of consumers and avoid abusive practices and clauses in the supply of products and services.

The report that was read by the senator ad hocStyvenson Valentim (PODE/RN), also mentioned that there is abusiveness in the unequal treatment by telecommunications companies to users of the service, since it is not transparent about the partial use of the product.

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“When the user exceeds the contracted monthly limit, he is obliged to purchase additional packages. On the other hand, when the consumer does not fully use the contracted quantities, he loses the right to use the balances in the future, which is not fair,” he explained.

The senators understood that there is no difficulty in implementing balance control, as companies already monitor users’ consumption, including for the purpose of collecting packages or additional credits.

Source: CNN Brasil

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