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Senate committee approves mandatory transportation for low-income higher education students

The Senate Education Commission approved, this Tuesday (21), a project that guarantees school transportation to low-income higher education students.

The proposal was approved in a terminative regime, which, in technical jargon, means that it does not need to be voted in the plenary of the House, in front of all the senators.

The text will only be voted on in the Senate plenary if there is an appeal presented by a senator, which has not happened so far. If this does not happen, the proposal will go directly to the analysis of the Chamber of Deputies.

The project, reported by Senator Dorinha Seabra (União Brasil-TO), amends the Education Guidelines and Bases Law (LDB) to establish that the Union, together with states and municipalities, must provide technical and financial assistance to provide school transport to low-income students.

The proposal includes the following device in the LDB: “Municipalities and states must work together, with financial support from the Union, to offer, in the form of the regulation, school transport to higher education students, ensuring special support to students of higher education. low income”.

The text does not establish how much would be spent on this measure or the resources that would be used to finance this investment to ensure transportation for low-income university students.

Source: CNN Brasil

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