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Senator Mitch McConnell “froze” again while speaking to reporters

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell froze for more than 30 seconds today while being asked questions by reporters, the second time in as many weeks that this has happened.

At this news conference in Covington, Kentucky, McConnell, 81, initially appeared to struggle to hear a reporter’s question about whether he would run for Senate again in the 2026 midterm elections. however, he “froze” while on the podium, staring into space and not speaking for about 30 seconds. He also did not appear to respond immediately when a member of his staff approached him to ask if he heard the question.

“Okay, I apologize to all of you. We’re going to need a minute,” McConnell’s aide said during that break. After being approached by a second person, McConnell resumed speaking but had to be asked by his assistant to repeat the question to which he gave a terse answer.

A similar episode happened on July 26 in Washington, when McConnell “froze” and was unable to speak to reporters for several minutes. Other senators rushed to his aid and after a few minutes he returned to the podium and continued the interview. He denied that the incident was in any way connected to the concussion he suffered earlier this year when he fell at a political rally.

Source: News Beast

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