Senior Instagram users grow nearly 5,000% between 2015 and 2022

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A survey by the consultancy Kantar shows an increase in the public between 65 and 75 years old on social networks. In the period from 2015 to 2022, the increase among Brazilians was 4,937% on Instagram, 886% on Instagram. Youtube, 707% on WhatsApp and 255% on Facebook. The study points to a democratization of the internet, with the need to target brands to meet the needs of different generations.

According to the Beyond Age survey, during this period, for each new weekly user aged between 12 and 19, there were 21 between 65 and 75 years old on Instagram, 9 on Youtube, 8 on WhatsApp and 7 on Facebook.

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“These people aged between 65 and 75 are no longer a niche market, they have become, over a relatively short period, the mainstream of social media consumption”, points out Eduardo Alves, Head of Go-To-Market & Field Marketing at Kantar Ibope Media.

The research points out that a digital platform may even look for an association with a certain age group, but, over time, “online populations tend to rebalance to better reflect the general population”.

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“A little driven by the pandemic and the need for connection, we saw a broader democratization of the internet. It then becomes fundamental, for any marketing campaign or any segmentation, that these different groups that are already widely on the internet are considered. Of course, with some nuances, differences between them”, points out Alves.

Another highlight of the Kantar survey is the behavior of the so-called Brazilian millennials (born between 1981 and 1996), who represent 34% of the population with a monthly family income above R$15,000.

Of the 26 spending categories evaluated by the survey, millennials spend more money than the Brazilian average in 12 of them, such as 11% more on computers, 10% on perfumes and 9% on wristwatches.

In addition, millennials are 15% more likely to have a credit card than the average Brazilian. They are 39% more likely to have financial investments and are 58% more likely to have made payments through virtual payment methods.

The spending, according to Kantar, shows a generation that is making progress financially but feeling the impacts of status pressure. This element is demonstrated in millennials’ confirmation of the phrases: I would like to save money, but I find it difficult (7% above the Brazilian average); I tend to spend money without thinking (27% above average); and I want to reach the top of my professional career (12% above average).

Source: CNN Brasil

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