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Sensitive skin reacts badly to many cosmetics. We tried a line that calms her down instantly

I have always had sensitive skin and I have always thought that this reflects my good, kind and caring temperament. Sensitive, in short. On the other hand, if we don’t think well of ourselves, who will do it for us? The epidermis – and this is really true – tells our emotions: it reddens if we are embarrassed or intimidated, it shows imperfections if we are stressed, it itches and pulls if we are agitated by some thoughts and so on. It is a sort of litmus test of our feelings and we must treat it well, as we should always do with ourselves. In a phase of tiredness from overwork, while I am afflicted by a skin that seems to refuse any new treatment and shows its disappointment with red and itchy spots on my face and neck at every slightest hint of cream, but what can I say about cream, even just cream? cleansing with any milk, I decided to try a line designed specifically for skin like mine, delicate, hyperreactive and prone to allergies. Also because with the arrival of the heat the tendency of my skin to redden and protest worsens, precisely because it dehydrates more easily, dries out and becomes more irritable. Just as couperose worsens. How beautiful. I therefore chose the Eau Thérmale Avène productsbecause I already knew the benefits of their super soothing thermal water and I followed the routine suggested on their website: the Tolérance cleanser, Lotion Nettoyante Gelifiée, the thermal water spray, the Tolérance Control Crème Apaisante Restauratrice soothing cream and the Antiredness Calm anti-redness mask.

The usage routine

At that time. The cleansing milk is more effective than ever before: you softens the skin instantly. Yet I also used it in the evening, when to remove make-up and remove any residue of foundation and concealer I necessarily have to pass a cotton washer firmly over my face several times, which can therefore have a slight irritating effect on the skin, due to rubbing. Thanks to the very soft gelled consistency and the active ingredients it contains, the cleanser has Instead a formidable calming effect. It says on the package that it’s leave-in, but I hate having even a little bit of product left on my skin, so I always rinse my face thoroughly with warm water.

After dabbing my face with the towel, I then sprayed it generously with thermal water, which I left to air dry. So I applied the cream both in the morning and in the evening, with delicate circular movements. In the end a couple of times a week I applied the mask in a generous layer on my face and neck in the evening, I left it to act for about ten minutes and then removed the residue with warm water, even though the package recommends removing it with a cotton pad. But I always prefer to rinse to avoid risking any irritation. After drying my face, I sprayed it again with a generous dose of thermal water, to complete the soothing and anti-reddening effect.

The characteristics of the products

The products of the Tolérance line of Eau Thérmale Avène have few ingredients, all chosen for their high skin tolerability. They are rich in Avène thermal water, whose soothing and calming properties are scientifically proven.

Sensitive skin reacts badly to many cosmetics.  We tried a line that calms her down instantly

The cleansing milk, free of fragrance, has 99% natural ingredients and respects the skin barrier. The cream immediately soothes sensations of tingling or heatthanks to a very clean formula (98% natural ingredients), without perfumes, without preservatives and with a post-biotic active ingredient, derived from thermal water.

Sensitive skin reacts badly to many cosmetics.  We tried a line that calms her down instantly

The anti-redness mask contains, in addition to thermal water, some active ingredients that promote skin circulationreduce redness, soothe and reduce the reactivity of the epidermis.


My sensitive skin really liked the line from the first routine. Please note that I am not joking in attributing feelings to the skin: the epidermis, especially if it is delicate and sensitive, immediately shows appreciation or annoyance for a product. In this case, after the first application the skin immediately appeared soft, fresh, relaxed, without any sign of redness or itching. Therefore I continued with the treatment morning and evening and after about twenty days I can say that the skin is really soothed, it has regained hydration and comfortit has a nice uniform color and it is as if it has been deeply detoxified.

The pluses

The Nettoyante Lotion is very pleasant to use and removes any residue of make-up very effectively. Thermal water has an excellent calming effect (seeing is believing, for example, on freshly shaved skin), thanks to the minerals it contains, its specific microflora and in particular the silica, which gives softness and comfort. Also cream and mask have soothing effects.

Sensitive skin reacts badly to many cosmetics.  We tried a line that calms her down instantly

The line therefore perfectly fulfills its task of calming the skin and hydrating it at the same time. An important plus is that of prices, all very lowi, despite the presence of high quality products. Finally, it is worth mentioning the company’s continuous search for new solutions for skin problems: for example, it has just been released Rosamedan ideal soin for those with sensitive skin and suffer from couperose or rosacea.

Sensitive skin reacts badly to many cosmetics.  We tried a line that calms her down instantly

The minuses

The sensorial aspect is not the best: the absence of perfume and the not particularly enveloping texture of the cream are disappointing, so the routine has a slightly medical appearance. However, I understand that you can’t have everything. It is precisely thanks to the clean formulas and the lack of fragrance, preservatives and other ingredients which increase the smoothness of emulsions but are occlusive and potentially irritating (read silicones), that the line is so well tolerated and effective in treating skin sensitivity. Which represents the absolute priority for those who suffer from these problems.

Source: Vanity Fair

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