September 11 – The “Freedom Tower”: The skyscraper that replaced the Twin Towers

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The One World Trade Center inaugurated in 2014 and marks a new milestone for its city New York which resists after the terrorist attacks, namely that of September 11th.

The new 540-meter-high World Trade Center, known as the “Freedom Tower”, is the tallest building in America (541 meters), and to the northeast is the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, where at least 2,700 people lost their lives

While the 9/11 Memorial Museum symbolizes the “vacuum” caused by the attacks, the “Freedom Tower” symbolizes “the positive,” according to architect Kenneth Lewis.

Among its first tenants is the publishing giant Condé Nast, which housed the magazine’s global headquarters from the 20th to the 44th floor, and more than 3,400 journalists and advertisers, employees of The New Yorker, Vogue and Vanity Fair “, they left Times Square behind and moved there.

As Lewis explains, the rationale was for the new tower to be one monument of durability of New York, who looks to the future despite the tragedy.

Alternative ways of evacuating the building

Among the most nightmarish images from the day of the attacks were people jumping out of windows of the Burning Towers.

The architects, according to the Athenian News Agency, proposed solutions for ways of evacuation of the building, but not from the stairwell. Among them was a giant slide and a swing strap, presented by a paratrooper, Lewis recalls.

Ultimately, the only solution was to shield the heart of the building with reinforced cement, and make it “spacious enough for people to get out of there,” Lewis explains.

Among the other metρa security received is a larger staircase so that the evacuation of the 104-storey tower can be done more quickly, light markings on the floor, such as that of fire-resistant planes, cameras and communications on each floor to allow rescuers to constantly monitor condition.

But the fire was not the only concern: in the autumn of 2001, many anonymous carbon-containing letters were sent to the media and politicians, killing five people.

“We started thinking about the filtration system and the air quality. “Think of the worst-case scenario, what that might mean, and then prepare.”

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